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Matheran Getting There

Transport is not a problem though the way to Matheran is quite complicated due to its geographical location. There are various way through which Matheran can easily reached. They are as follow…

By Air
Matheran is only 90 kms. from the Bombay International Airport and 110 kms. from Pune city Airport. Hence, it is easily accessible from both, Bombay & Pune. From Bombay city, a helicopter service operates right into Matheran, landing at a helibase, and 2800 sq. ft. above sea-level at the race course grounds.
By Road        
It is accessible by road from Bombay, along the National Highway No 4 at a distance of 92 kms. right upto a parking-area bay called Dastoori, atop the mountain. From this point into the town center, either a trek on foot or on horse-back or by hand pulled rickshaws, as no motor vehicles are allowed within the hill-station area. 

By Rail        
It is well connected by rail again both, from Bombay & Pune upto Neral - a station at the bottom of the hill and then by a toy train winding it's way up the hill on a single meter gauge, through jungle paths and cutting through mountain sides and tunnels, giving a breathtaking view of the valley below and the city left behind.    

Distance from major cities:

Matheran- Ahmedabad 455.3 kms
Matheran- Baroda 368.7 kms
Matheran- Jamangar 510.4 kms
Matheran- Jaipur 920.5 kms
Matheran- Delhi 1143 kms
Matheran- Udaipur 623.4 kms
Matheran- Ajmer 822 kms
Matheran- Mumbai 54 kms
Matheran- Rajkot 450.1 kms
Matheran- Pune 75.24 kms